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Sayda, center, poses with her husband, one of her daughters and Anexis, the Chinandega Focal Center Manager. Staff members in rural areas have clear directions regarding what to do in case of a disaster, but one of the most important is avoiding trips to risky areas when events are predicted that could put personnel in danger.

At each Pro Mujer center there is a complete set of guidelines that outlines what to do in case of each possible disaster: Gloria explains that from the business department there are policies regarding flexible payments, repayment meetings or the extension of loan cycles, if necessary. Pro Mujer regularly offers information and advice to clients, encouraging them to join their local civil defense committees, which provide security and protection for the community. Don Chente , as he is known in the area, tells me about his many adventures over the last 42 years that he has spent watching the volcano.

Smiling, he recounts the story of how he came to watch over San Cristóbal. Vicente recalls what happened on September 8 th. However, Vicente witnessed even more impressive volcanic activity in , when San Cristobal produced large plumes of smoke and several explosions. He explains that on the eastern side of the volcano there used to be a large pine forest that disappeared as a result of the fumes and ash, which can prove even more destructive when it rains.


If the volcano is inactive for a long time, the or pound rocks that it expels will devastate surrounding areas. In , the volcano formed another crater. Vicente explains that it damaged places where water could have entered, and when this happens, the volcano can convulse.

Five years ago it shot out flames. Almost everything has returned to normal in the San Cristóbal Reserve and nearby communities. Classes were suspended for nearly 12 days after the eruption of the volcano. A spokesperson for the government, Rosario Murillo, told the press that school will resume in the 18 municipalities of Chinandega, where some 3, people were evacuated from areas surrounding the volcano.

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But he assured that the preventive alerts in the western region of the country would be maintained as a precaution. October 4, at 5: Sayda es delgada, de 32 años de edad, madre de tres, de Chinandega, Nicaragua. Sayda, en el medio a la derecha, con su marido y sus tres hijas. Con esas ganancias comenzó a hacer tortillas y nacatamales, una comida tradicional nicaragüense, que vende una vez por semana en el mercado local.

Mujeres solteras en chinandega

En la finca, ella y su familia plantan cebollas, tomates, pimientos, maíz, frijoles y algunas otras verduras. Dejamos a nuestros animales cerca de la casa en caso de que algo ocurra, preparamos linternas y nos sentamos a esperar porque podíamos ver el peligro. También una clienta de Pro Mujer, Victoria acoge regularmente reuniones quincenales de los 21 miembros de su banco comunal.

Normalmente ella vende cigarrillos y dulces a sus vecinos, pero muchos de sus clientes han evacuado, y sus ventas han decaído. El mayor impacto para Victoria fue su salud. Como explica la Gerente General de Pro Mujer en Nicaragua Gloria Ruiz, un plan ha sido delineado para mitigar los efectos de cualquiera de estos potencialmente desastrosos eventos. En cada centro de Pro Mujer hay un conjunto completo de directrices que describe qué hacer en caso de cada posible desastre: Gloria explica que desde el departamento de negocio hay políticas en materia de pagos flexibles, reuniones de reembolso o la extensión de ciclos de préstamo, si es necesario.

El ruido retumbante no le preocupa. Vicente recuerda lo que ocurrió el 8 de septiembre. Esto activó la alarma y la atención de los medios de comunicación. Hace cinco años, disparó llamas. Casi todo ha vuelto a la normalidad en la Reserva de San Cristóbal y las comunidades cercanas. Una portavoz del Gobierno, Rosario Murillo, dijo a la prensa que la escuela reanudaría clases en los 18 municipios de Chinandega, donde unas 3.

Pero aseguró que se mantendrían las alertas preventivas en la región occidental del país como medida de precaución. Pro Mujer recientemente abrió un nuevo centro en Somotillo, un pequeño municipio con alrededor de 30, habitantes en el departamento de Chinandega. Ella utilizó los fondos para invertir y crecer su negocio. Ahora mismo estoy ampliando un cuarto, vivo mejor, embaldosé de piso mi casa y levanté las paredes viejas. Lo mejor es que estoy saludable porque en Pro Mujer nos capacitan y atienden en temas de salud. Y ahora con esta nueva oficina en Somotillo ya no tendremos que viajar hasta Chinandega.

Para fines de año, Pro Mujer pretende duplicar esta cifra. Es un paso muy importante llegar a Somotillo. August 16, at 3: Over the last 40 years, this largely agricultural region bordering Honduras, has been host to the development of a number of small businesses, a great number of which are owned by women who received loans from the organization. Alejandra Cuadra is a community leader in Somotillo and has been selling plantains and enchiladas for the last 10 years.

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She used the funds to invest in and grow her business. I tiled my floor and repaired the old walls, and right now I am working on expanding one of my rooms. Most importantly, I am healthy because Pro Mujer provides us with health services. The new center will provide teller service and serve more than 1, clients. By the end of the year, we project that we will double our client base in the area and reach 3, women. Reaching Somotillo is a very important step.

It is one of the poorest areas and is in great need of our services, especially our health services. Because it is a pathway for those coming from or leaving for Honduras, there is a high rate of HIV infection, as well as other illnesses that affect women. And what we are achieving as a team brings us a real sense of satisfaction. August 16, at Pro Mujer staff, clients, VPS members and supporters.

In this way, empowering women creates a multiplier effect. The daughter of a Pro Mujer client comes to a communal bank meeting with her mother. Joining us on this trip were longtime Pro Mujer supporters, including: Nicaragua was the first country outside of Bolivia where Pro Mujer was founded in that Lynne Patterson and Carmen Velasco selected to advance their mission of helping empower Latin American women living in poverty.

Over the course of two decades, PMN has provided Nicaraguan women with 64, educational workshops covering a variety of subjects including communications skills, sexual and reproductive health and domestic violence, and has performed 77, health consultations. While PMN has done a great deal to advance the wellbeing of economically marginalized women and their families, there are many more women who still need to be reached.

Despite the many hardships facing its people, there is something almost mystical about the country, a feeling I had the first time I traveled there and one rekindled during this visit. She faced poverty and gender discrimination as a child, and eventually earned a degree as an Agricultural Engineer, a male-dominated profession in her country. Gloria is a mother to three grown children, a grandmother to a new grandson, and has been married for 28 years. She joined Pro Mujer 15 years ago as its first credit officer and todayshe is Country Director. Gabriela Salvador, MD, MPH, our Director of Health and Human Development who oversees our global health program, gives the group a presentation on our health pilot program and explains how Pro Mujer is addressing the increasingly serious issue of chronic disease.

These diseases include hypertension, diabetes, sexual and reproductive health problems, and breast and cervical cancers, and are pandemic within the segment of the population we serve. Marta Garcia in one of the consultation rooms of the Pro Mujer clinic.

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Afterwards, we move next door to the new wing of the center, a beautiful, colonial-style building with a lush garden in the center, foot ceilings and beautiful wood paneling and detail throughout. The new wing behind the three large wooden doors and the two garage doors to the left of the Leon center made possible by Pro Mujer supporters.

Here we meet with local team members to learn their personal stories, how they came to work for Pro Mujer and how the lives of their clients, as well as their own, have changed. Their stories are both funny and moving, but one speaker really stands out. She relates the story of how she was born into poverty and abuse.

As an adult, that abuse changed hands and continued until she was finally able to break the cycle a little over a year ago. You can read her first-person account as told to the group by clicking here. Gloria Ruiz leads the discussion between Pro Mujer supporters and international staff members left and local employees right.

Eight client leaders then shared their personal testimonies, telling us about the challenges they faced when they first came to Pro Mujer and how much their lives have changed since.


All of these women were born into poverty. Many had limited access to education, were victims of domestic violence and were raising their children alone. Despite these obstacles and as a result of their hard work and perseverance, their children are attending university and becoming doctors, lawyers and engineers. This new generation, the one they helped raise and educate, will be the generation that helps rebuild Nicaragua.

The evening closed with a traditional Baho, a dinner of typical Nicaraguan food including beef, plantains and yucca wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. Traditional music played in the background and we sat down to share a meal with the client leaders and staff. En este caso es a la compañera Aura Lila Padilla a quien le ha tocado ejercer el cargo, algo que para ella es todo un reto ya que previamente le había tocado trabajar para la empresa privada durante 40 años.

Padilla destacó que las mujeres son un pilar fundamental de la familia y por lo tanto de la sociedad, de allí que los esfuerzos del gobierno desde programas como Usura Cero, Hambre Cero, Plan Techo y las Viviendas tengan como base principal el empoderamiento de éstas en los procesos de cambio social. Las mujeres estaban relegadas En Cinco Pinos, la alcaldesa es la compañera Meyling Mendoza Corrales, casada y 42 años de edad. Una experiencia exitosa En San Francisco del Norte las mujeres asumiendo roles y sobre todo el rol político ha tenido también una muy buena acogida.

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